New Online Casinos

As someone who enjoys playing casino games online you may do what a lot of people tend to do, and that is swap and change the casino sites you play at regularly, for by doing so you may come across the Zodiac Casino site that offers you something no other casino sites are giving you as a player.

What I do known many online players do tend to do however it to lookout for brand new casino sites at which to play at, for by signing up to a brand newly launched casino site online they are then going to be able to make use of the often very generous sign up bonuses those sites give away.

However, what I am going to be doing throughout this guide, is enlightening you on just what you should be looking out for from any new online casinos that you do come across to ensure those sites are going to be giving you a safe and enjoyable gaming experience and one you will enjoy.

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Listed below are a set of main of core features that you should always ensure any casino sites you sign up to have on offer, playing at any casino sites that are not offering everything listed below could see you eventually running into some problems at those sites.

Do not be under the impression that all new online casino sites are going to be run to the same high standards at Golden Tiger Casino where you may have had an account at for years, for many new casinos often go through teething problems and you will never want to have to wait to get paid your winnings or be forced to use just a handful of different payment options.

With that in mind please read through each of the many different sections of this guide as by doing so you will then find out what you should be demanding and looking for from every single new casino site you may be thinking of signing up to and playing at.

Tried and Tested Gaming Platforms

The very first thing I would suggest that you have on your check list of wants and demands in regards to finding a new online casino site to sign up to and play at is that they must have a tried and tested gaming platform.

By sticking to casino sites that do offer a gaming platforms designed and supplied by one of the major companies in that business sector will then see you having a hassle free type of gaming experience and one that you will enjoy and  will want to return to time and time again.

Any of the major software gaming platform suppliers will have vast experience of their product and the way that players enjoy playing their range of games online and they will be offering bug free gaming platforms and ones that come with a wide and varied range of player adjustable option settings too.

Canadian Online Casinos

I would steer you towards playing at Blackjack Ballroom Casino site that is offering you the Microgaming gaming platforms, for by doing so you are then going to find you can play on your mobile device via a mobile casino app or can opt to use either an instant play or fully downloadable gaming platform.

Never understand the many benefits of playing at a casino set that does offer Microgaming’s stunning range of games, for all of those games are popular with players and they do tend to come with very high payout percentages and very low house edges too.

Also, it is worth knowing that by playing at an online casino offering Microgaming’s range of games and their gaming platforms you also have the option of testing their games for free and at no risk too, so you can give them a whirl for free to see which ones you like playing the most!

Licensed and Regulated

The whole online gambling environment is based on trust, and as a player you need to be completely confident that any casino sites you sign up to and play at, whether brand new online casinos or long established ones are going to treat you fairly at all times and never pull any stunts or tricks.

As most casino sites these days do not have a land based operation to back them up, then there is one very important thing that you should be on the lookout for from any casino sites you may be about to sign up to and play at and that is they are licensed and regulated and hold a full and valid gambling license.

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One of the problems however with the online casino world is that there are sadly some gambling license issuers that do not have any real power over the casino sites that they license, in fact those gambling license issuers will issue a license to anyone who pays their fees with no regulatory structure in place to oversee the day to day running of their license holders casinos.

With that in mind you need to spend as much time as it takes finding out just which gambling commission and/or gambling authorities have issued any new casino sites you fancy playing at with their license to operate.

If any new casinos you do come across are not licensed anywhere or are licensed in a country that has no regulatory systems in place to oversee their license holders operations then if you ever experience a problem gambling at those sites you have no one to turn to in regards to getting your problems resolved!

Therefore if you have never heard of the gambling commission or gaming authority that any casino site proclaims to be licensed by or the casino is not licensed in your own home country of residence then it is advisable not to play at that casino site!

Vast Array of Banking Options

New online casinos often go live without having in placing lots of different banking options available on their respective banking interfaces, and as such you could, if you ever sign up to a new online casino find that there are not many ways for you to make a deposit.

There may also be only a small limited number of ways that you can make a withdrawal too, and as such you really do need to ensure that any such site you do fancy signing up to and playing at in a real money playing environment is going to be offering you a banking method that you prefer using.

If not then there is a very good chance that you may have to use a banking option that forced you to pay a lot of fees and charges, and that will then devalue the value of your deposits and can also mean that a fair chunk of your winnings are eaten up in fees and charges to.

It should also be pointed out that new casino sites are also going to have to ensure that every player that does sign up is fully verified, so expect to have to send into them copies of your identification documents, before they are going to pay you out any innings.

Another thing that you really ought to pay very careful attention to is whether any casino site has a limit in place in regards to just how much you can win and then withdraw.

Many new casinos are going to put into play low limit weekly or monthly cash out limits, and as such you are not going to be able to cash out any large value wins all from one single withdrawal, which could then mean that you end up waiting weeks or months to get paid out any large valued winning payouts that you achieve!

Around the Clock Support Service

You never know if or when you may experience any type or kind of problem when playing at a casino site online, but one thing that you will always want to have the peace of mind in knowing is that if you do there will always be someone on hand to help you with any problems you are having.

It is important therefore for you to check if a casino site that you fancy trying out and playing at has a customer support service on offer, but one that is available 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Sadly quite a number of casino sites do go live and only have a small number of customer care agents on duty and they may only be available to help and advise you during office hours.

Therefore if you want to completely negate the possibility that you could end up having to wait for a prolonged period of time to get any questions you may have about a casino site or get any problems rectified I would urge you to only ever play at casinos that have an around the clock support service on offer.

It may also be beneficial for you to stick to playing at casino sets both old and new ones that have an instant chat facility on their websites, for that way you can easily and instantly make contact with a support team member rather than having to email them in the hope they reply rapidly.

Most casino sites that do value their players will also make available toll and fee free telephone numbers, so if you prefer you can always contact their support team members by phone and you therefore won’t be charged anything for doing so!

Plenty of Casino Games

You will find it a completely pointless exercise playing at a casino site that only has a small array of casino games on offer, for whilst you may enjoy playing a limited number of games initially, you will soon grow very tired of being forced to have the play the same games over and over again!

Therefore, for a very enjoyable gaming experience you really should be making the effort of finding a new casino site at which to play at that has plenty of games on offer, and you will be doing just that if you sign up to a casino site offering the Microgaming range of games.

Microgaming have launched not far off 1000 different casino games over the 20 or so years they have been in business, and when it comes to playing on one of their gaming platforms that has by far and away the largest selections of games that is where it really will pay dividends for you to utilize their downloadable gaming platform.

That gaming platform has not only got the most casino games available up on it and within it but all of the games do come with a range of different staking options and you can even play most of those games for free if you want to just simply test drive any of them.

As all games offer multiple different staking options, that means that both low and high rollers will have no problems being able to play them for a stake level that they find suitable to their bankroll and gaming style.

Plus, every single month of the year even more ne casino games get launched on the downloadable, instant play and mile gaming platforms form Microgaming, so you are always going to find more than enough brand spanking new casino games to get stuck into playing!

Easy to Claim Promotional Offers

No one wants to have to jump through hoops when they want to claim a casino bonus, and as such if you are the type of player who is actively hunting around for the very best valued bonuses to make use of then you will often find newly launched casino sites do tend to give away the best valued ones to their new players.

There is a simple reason why such casinos offer rather larger bonuses than most others, and that is that they are trying to build up their player base, so the better valued bonuses they give away the much more likely they are to attract new players to their newly launched online casino sites!

However, it is always going to be the way in which a player can claim a bonus that will make one casino site much more appealing to others, and there are in fact several different ways that casino can and do let players claim any bonuses and promotional offers they are giving away.

The vast majority of newly launched online casinos will simply require you to make a deposit if they are offering a deposit match type of bonus and as soon as you have made a deposit those bonus credits will automatically appear in your casino account balance without you having to do anything to claim them.

Some casinos on the other hand will always give their players the option of claiming a bonus or not instead of simply adding them to their players account balances automatically.

As such be aware that when you play at certain casino sites you will first have to look at their bonus pages on their website and look to for a bonus code alongside the bonus you wish to claim.

Once you know the bonus code when you launch the banking interface to make a qualifying deposit to claim a bonus you then need to enter the bonus code into the banking interface and by doing so the bonus will then be added to your casino account balance as soon and at the exact same time as your deposit is processed and approved.

Gambling Limit Settings

Responsible gambling is something that all players and casino sites alike should take very seriously, and as a player you should always be looking for a casino site that is going to allow you to set your own gambling session limits when you first log into your casino account.

By sticking to playing at only those sites that does offer player adjustable gambling session limit option settings, you can then make a decision before you start to play as to just how much you are prepared to lose on any one single gaming session.

You will also be able to set just how long you play for too, and that is always going to allow you to have the peace of mind in knowing you will not get too carried away when losing and keep on making deposits when you do set your on limits!

Currency and Language Options

Being able to sign up and set your casino account to your own home language is important, for if you do not speak English for example you will never be able to read through and understand the terms and conditions attached to the casino site and any bonuses on offer at those sites you do sign up to and play at.

You will therefore be best advised to make a point of finding a casino that odes offer you range of different language options as you will also find that you will be able to set the games to display their control buttons and pay tables in your own chosen language and will also be able to communicate with the casinos customer support teams in your own home language too.

You will also be best advised to only every play at a casino site that is going to allow you to set the currency setting on your casino account to a currency you use at home too.

If you are ever forced to fund your casino account, play and then withdraw any winnings in any other currency other than the one you use at home then all manner of fees will be levied onto your deposits and withdrawals!

Keep in mind too that there may only be a handful of banking options that players based in your home country of residence are able to use to fund their online casino site accounts, and therefore it does also stand to good reason you should double check before wasting any time signing up to an online casino site that the deposit options you wish to make use of are actually available to you!

Fair Set of Terms and Conditions

Finally you are always going to have to spend some time reading through all of the terms and conditions that are in place on the website at any online casino sites you are thinking of signing up to.

For the minute you accept those terms and conditions and then go on to play any of the casino games at those sites and possibly claim any bonuses too you are agreeing to be bound by all of those terms and conditions too.

Therefore no matte how long or on how many be pages the terms and conditions may be printed you have to read them all through and in full, and if you do not like the ay any term or condition has been written then avoid playing at that casino site.

All bonuses, promotional offers and deals also often come with their own unique set of terms and conditions so make sure that you do always make a point of reading through those terms and conditions, for that way you will then find out whether a bonus offer is as generous as it may seem or not!

Never feel that you are going to be obliged to make use of any bonuses, for if you make a deposit into a casino site and find a bonus is also placed into your account when you make that deposit, you will be able to get it removed by contacting the casinos customer support staff as long as you haven’t started to play with the bonus credits of course.

If you do fancy getting tuck into playing at a brand new online casino site then please do take a good look around this website, for all of the casino sites that we list and showcase to you are fully licensed and have a solid and spotless reputation too.